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Just wondering if you gals still use this board.  Ive been really busy and gave up on PW a long time ago.  Just happened to go by today and missed a lot of the "old" girls.  I hope everybody is doing great!
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What is the deal over there

I'm getting so pissed. Here we are with mommies delivering and updating left and right and pw can't keep up. It goes so slow and then just stops. This morning, everything was so great, I was able to read and reply and now I can't do anything. Who are we suppossed to complain to? It's so frusterating. I want as much of us to complain to the appropriate person as possible, the least they could do is put it back how it was. It was so busy then, all the birth boards were active, not to mention the rest of the community. It's bad enough that Nov. is like the only active board but we can't even post when we want to! I'm sick of complaining on this board, if I can ever get back on over there, I'm going to complain there too!
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Another PW complain!!!!

   They should really do something about that darn site why does it keep messing up? I can't even see post its been timed out for me for a while now and every time I try to get on I can't. WHose over here anybody. Also I must add I can't wait till Friday it'll be my last day at work before i go on leave.  
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Feeling blah.....

So, I couldn't get on PW yesterday and I can't get on PW today. I am very aggrevated! Also, it's been overcast and rainy here in Atlanta which we REALLY need but it also makes me feel blah. I am very sun dependent unfortunately. So, I am tired, not in a good mood, PW is acting up, I don't feel like working, and I just want to sleep! I think these last 5 weeks are going to be hard on me because I really need to stay focused at work but I don't want to!

Sorry - just had to get all of that out! :)

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